4 tips to increase your savings without difficulty

When it comes to saving, not for everyone it becomes a habit easily. On a daily basis, different situations may arise that make it difficult to return home with some extra pesos to put in the piggy bank;

However, it is also not impossible, and with the right information, it can be achieved

However, it is also not impossible, and with the right information, it can be achieved

As with any other activity, proof is required for saving to become a habit. But in addition, having the right tips will also help you not seem like a big challenge. Here are four tips to achieve this:

1. Save what you have at the end of the day 

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When you get home, count the money you have and round it up. The rest, save it as part of your savings. That will help you have an ‘additional’.

2. Identify your ant expenses 

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It may be everyday coffee, taxis, cigarettes or sweets from the work machine. These expenses steal your money unconsciously and add up to more than you think. Start listing them so you see how much you spend on each one.

3. Eliminate tastes gradually 

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Now that you know them, it’s not about erasing them forever from your life. Ideally, start by reducing them; that is, if you used to buy a coffee every day, do it only two or three times a week. If you had lunch outside twice a week, now do it only once. That way you will gradually get used to leaving them.

4. Compare prices before buying something 

Finally, before buying something, from a garment to an appliance, start comparing the options. That way you can find the cheapest alternative. Although it may not seem like it, it is a very easy way to save hundreds of pesos.

Do not forget that saving money at home is no longer an option, it is best to visit the bank every month and deposit it in a savings account that pays you good interest. To compare the different account options, use the Cunégonde savings comparator.